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"The way I think and feel about myself has changed dramatically since seeing Moira. I was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from an incident at a young age and didn’t even know it! So many aspects of my life were affected by the hurt, guilt and worthlessness I felt, but when Mo worked with me, using EFT, I was finally set free from it. I feel such a HUGE weight off my shoulders, and I now am actually happy with just being me*.finally!!!! I just cant believe that 1 hour with Mo has made such a massive difference. I have, and will continue to highly recommend her amazing work."

SA, Melbourne Australia

The GP registrar year is extremely challenging and after failing the AKT I found I had lost a lot of self confidence. As a result I was often struggling to focus on work and studying for the next exams. A week before resitting the AKT I was particularly fragile. Moira offered me a trial session of EFT. I was amazed how in just a few minutes she had enabled me to see what some of the blocks were in my thought processes which were resulting in my lack of confidence. I have no doubt that Moira is very skilled at using EFT, not least because she has an enormous amount of empathy and intuition. I was very moved by the experience and amazed at how much better I felt. I continued to use the EFT techniques leading up to the exams. I am sure that EFT contributed to me success in resitting the AKT and latterly the CSA. I would not hesitate to recommend EFT to any registrars who may be having similar difficulties.

Dr L McILwraith, Edinburgh

Spring 2011 – EFT & New Beginnings

Many people would like to make a new start or change something in their life, but fear of failure, lack of confidence or self-doubt holds them back.

Take the example of entering into a new relationship. If your previous relationships have been unsuccessful you may doubt your ability to have a successful one. You may be carrying lots of bad emotions from these experiences and/or wrong messages about yourself.

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Winter 2010 – EFT & Physical Illness

During the winter months we all tend to fall ill with physical illness at some time or another, be it just a cold or severe flu. Many people unfortunately suffer from chronic illness which never leaves them.

This got me thinking about how much our emotional state can contribute to our physical illness and how EFT can help us when we’re…

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Autumn 2010 – PTSD & EFT

Very briefly, my experience started when I was 9 as I was caught up in an IRA bomb explosion in the Tower of London.  Although my family & I weren’t physically injured we were naturally very emotionally upset.  I would have been trampled to death if my father hadn’t saved me by pulling me against the wall.  However we put this incident behind us and got on with our lives.  Jump forward 32 years and I’m at my first EFT course.  The course tutor asked if anyone had suffered trauma…

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Summer 2010 – Relationships & EFT

As my clients will know, I always refer to your subconscious as your reference library. This is because it contains everything your five senses have collected since you were in your mother’s womb.  This information is stored in chronological order and accessed on a continual basis by our conscious brains for guidance.  This would be a wonderful thing if it were only good things it stored, but unfortunately it collects…

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Spring 2010 – Depression & Grief – the connection

When my sister died suddenly five years ago, I remember feeling like it was having instant depression; the sun had suddenly gone out of my life and I felt totally depressed. Having suffered from depression in the past I immediately recognized the feelings, signs and symptoms I was experiencing. Fortunately, I discovered EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) shortly after this sad event

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As a therapist Mo is brilliant. I had experienced EFT before but not managed to make much progress. Mo is different as she really listens and makes an effort to deeply understand how I feel. Her real compassion and support has been demonstrated by her going 'above and beyond' on many occasions. With a depth of insight, Mo is decisive when she sees a need and has proved that EFT can really help. I really am very grateful for everything she has done for me."

V Milne, Aberdeen

During my worst ever bout of depression I had just about given up on all hope of ever feeling happy ever again. Having tried other treatments for my depression, I decided I needed a new fresh approach.
Then I discovered Mo and EFT, and my life began to turn around! Even upon my first meeting with Mo I felt instantly at ease and that I was with someone who genuinely cared and also actually understood how I was feeling.

Through Mo's careful patience and amazing intuition, combined with EFT techniques, I discovered the root of my depression was due to a childhood speech problem, which had affected my confidence, relationships with others and overall opinion of myself. With Mo's help the clouds gradually began to lift and I started to feel more positive, assertive and content within myself.
I have continued to use the techniques that Mo taught me and would completely hand on heart recommend Mo as a counsellor, and EFT. Mo has always been there to help me when I needed her and I am forever indebted to her for helping me to find 'me' again.

Thank you Mo, JMM, Edinburgh

“Mo gently & professionally helped me to locate the underlying reason for my low self-esteem, lack of confidence and depression. This was due to a childhood separation issue. One which I thought I had coped with and forgotten about. Using counselling, EFT, and working with my inner child, she helped me to locate & release the deep-rooted hurt & guilt I was carrying. I now see my life clearer, my depression has lifted, and I have more confidence in myself.

MS, Fife